Holiday Cottages With A Hot Tub

Holiday Cottages With A Hot Tub are a great way to increase your bookings

Holiday cottages with a hot tub are an ideal way to appeal to a wider audience. We offer the zero hassle service to the holiday cottage owner.

Many holiday cottage owners have considered the option of offering Hot Tubs to guests. Many factors put them off including:-

  • The Legislation around hire and water safety
  • The hassle of cleaning and managing chemicals
  • The Expense of buying installing and maintaining hot tubs

The reality is that if you are not offering hot tubs to your guests – your competition are!

The image below shows the trend of searches for holiday accommodation with hot tubs.

holiday cottages with hot tubs - googls research data

Premier Hot Tub Hire has the perfect solution. We provide a luxury hot tub which can be installed or removed from your holiday cottage in 45 mins. All you need is a normal 3 pin socket and a supply of water to fill the hot tub.

We will liaise with your guests and sort all of the paperwork out so there is nothing for you to do except advertise the option of hot tubs by arrangement on your website or booking agent.

Premier Hot Tub Hire will manage the install, fill and chemicals and will work to accommodate your changeover days. We will then collect and remove on the day the guests leave.

If you would like to discuss offering our hire service , please get in touch with us on 07525 326044 or email us

What Do I Need to Hire A Hot Tub?

What Do I Need to Hire A Hot Tub?

What Do I Need to Hire A Hot Tub?

This guide will help you understand what is required to hire one of our hot tubs, please take a few minutes to read the details below to ensure that you have all the requirements to enjoy a hot tub. Any questions, please call us on 07525326044

  • Your Dates
  • Good Access Into Your Garden
  • Source of Water
  • Normal 13amp Socket
  • Drain

Your Dates

We deliver our tubs on a Monday and a Thursday and offer the following packages

  • Mid Week – Monday To Thursday
  • Full Week -Monday to Monday 
  • Full Week – Thursday to Thursday
  • Long Weekend – Thursday to Monday

Once you know your preferred dates, please check our online availability here to check and book online. All bookings require a £50 deposit with the balance due just before your install. We accept bank transfer, credit cards, paypal and cash as means of payment. We dont accept cheques.If you require some specific dates or extended hire periods, please call us on 07525 326044 or email us and we will do our best to accomodate.
Good Access into your garden

Our Hot Tubs are round and we roll them into your garden. We deliver the hot tubs to you via a trailer so need to be able to get the car and trailer close to your house. Watch our video here to check the tub will fit in your garden.

The Hot tub can be positioned on concrete, patio areas, gravel and grass. We would always suggest a hard surface to avoid mud and grass being transferred from peoples feet into the tub  

Water Source

We need access to a water source and hose pipe to fill the hot tub. The tubs hold around 1000 litres of water and take between 1 and 2 hours to fill depending on your water pressure. Once full, they take between 12 and 16 hours to reach the maximum temperature of 41.5 degrees

13 Amp Socket

The hot tub runs from a normal 13amp socket and needs to be plugged in all the time you have the tub. We supply 20 metre, RCD protected extension leads so we can access most outbuildings, garages or outside sockets. 


At the end of the hire, we will use an industrial pump to drain the tub. Our preference is to drain the water into a nearby drain where possible.

what do i need to hire a hot tub
Customers Enjoying One of our Luxury Hot Tubs